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Pursuant to the provisions of the Residence Registration Act (ZPPreb, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 59/2006 - UPB1, 111/2007), a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia who intends to permanently emigrate from the territory of the Republic of Slovenia is obliged to change his/her permanent residence address with the competent authority (administrative unit or upravna enota) and to state the exact address abroad (country, city, street with house number and postal code). The exact address abroad is important for the exercise of the right to vote, since every citizen who permanently emigrates from the territory of the Republic of Slovenia is automatically entered in the register of voters who are not domiciled in the Republic of Slovenia. The exact address abroad also guarantees that the voter who wishes to vote by post will receive the election material in due course at the correct address.


The law also allows for the registration of temporary departure from the territory of the RS. This applies when an individual intends to travel from the territory of the Republic of Slovenia for more than 3 months. Although the law does not specify the duration of temporary absence, the definition of permanent residence referred to in Article 17 of the Residence Registration Act applies (temporary residence lasts no longer than 4 years). In this case, too, the individual must report the departure to the competent authority before departing, stating the exact address of the temporary residence abroad. However, when he/she returns from abroad for more than 60 days or with the intention of residing in Slovenia again, he/she must report the return to the competent authority within eight days of his arrival.


The change of residence address (either permanent or temporary) can be completed through e-government if you have a digital electronic signature of Sigenca.


If you move, the change of address should be reported to the embassy or administrative unit.



You can change your address of residence either in person at the Embassy or via email.

If you wish to change your address of residence by email, please print out, complete and sign the form (for adults HERE and for children under the age of 18 HERE) then send it by email to (at), along with a copy of your ID (passport/ID card). Once the change is complete, we will email you a confirmation of the change of address, and you can then pick up the original confirmation in person at the embassy at any time during the office hours of the consular department.

If you would like to apply for the change of address in person at the Embassy, ​​we kindly ask you to make an appointment in advance at: (at)

Change of residence address is free of charge.



When you change your permanent residence address, you are by law required to change the address in your ID documents within 30 days.


You can change the address in your passport if you still have room for it in your passport. You can apply for the change at the Embassy by submitting your passport at any time during office hours. The passport will be sent to Slovenia, where the change will be made, and then returned to the Embassy where you will be able to collect it.

The process of changing your permanent residence address in the passport is free of charge and takes about 3 weeks.

If you no longer have space to change your passport address, you need to apply for a new passport. All information regarding the application can be found on our website HERE.



Changing the address on your ID card is not possible - you can only apply for a new ID card. All information regarding the application can be found on our website HERE.