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To register your marriage in Slovenia and officially change your surname after marriage, you will need to submit the following:

•          Completed application form (click HERE)

•          Original marriage certificate, which needs to be certified with an international stamp Apostille (In the UK, you can obtain this certification through the Legalisation Office.

If you were married outside of UK, you will need to complete the certification ("authentication, legalisation") in the country in which you were married or at an Embassy of the country in which you were married. Slovenian Embassy in London will, after obtaining the signatures of the official who certified the marriage certificate at the relevant Embassy, re-certify the signature.

•          Translation of the marriage certificate (you can complete the translation yourself or through a translator; the translation will then be certified at the Slovenian Embassy in London).

•          A record of the use of surname after marriage (this will be completed at the Embassy). The form can be found HERE.

•          A copy of your passport and the passport of your spouse.


Once you have collected all the necessary documents, please give us a call our email us at to arrange an appointment to submit the application. We will send your application and the supporting documents to the relevant administrative unit who will then complete the registration.

If you will be changing your surname because of the marriage, you can also submit an application for a new passport.

If this is your second marriage, please note that evidence of the dissolution of the first marriage will also need to be submitted (the decree absolute will need to be officially translated to Slovene through an official translator) if your first marriage was registered in Slovenia.