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Visa procedure for EU/EEA Family Members (visa C)


 Please review the below options to see which one applies to your situation. Please check your residence documents to establish which of the below applies to you.


a) If you hold a UK Residence Card (either as a sticker in the passport or a separate plastic card) according to Article 5, cf. Article 10 of EU Directive 38/2004 ("Family Member of an EU citizen" or "Permanent Residence"), and you will be travelling with your EU/EEA family member, you do not need a visa to travel to Slovenia*.

WARNING: Contrary to residence cards issued in accordance with the Directive, the residence documents issued under the UK's Settled Status scheme do not exempt from the visa requirement!

b) If you hold a UK Residence Card on any other basis ("Indefinite leave to remain", "Leave to Enter", "Leave to Remain", "EU Settlement Scheme", etc.,) and you will be travelling with your EU/EEA family member, you do need a visa however you can obtain this through below simplified process, free of charge.

c) If you hold a UK Residence Card on any basis and you will be travelling without your EU/EEA family member, you need to apply for a visa as per normal Schengen rules.


Please note that UK nationals living and working in the UK do not exercise Treaty Rights. This means that if you are a family member of a UK citizen, you are not able to apply under the EU rules but must apply under the normal Schengen rules.


* PLEASE NOTE: The Embassy of Slovenia recommends nevertheless to the holders of a “Permanent Residence Card” to apply for a short stay visa before their travel in order to ease the control at the border and the circulation into the Schengen area. You are able to apply according to below simplified process, free of charge.




There is no fee to pay when applying under the below procedure. Please note that this applies to a and b above ONLY.

Required documents for simplified visa procedure

1. Filled out, printed and signed visa application form. All sections must be filled out. State that an item is not applicable with N/A. Please indicate your e-mail address and a contact phone number. Please note that the application form must be signed in two places: the first refers to the application (section 37) and the second is the Schengen consent that follows.

2. Valid national passport. In order to apply for a visa:

  • Your passport must be valid at least 3 months longer than the intended stay
  • Passport issued more than 10 years ago cannot be considered for the application (regardless if the passport is still valid/was prolonged).
  • At least two pages must be empty in the visa section of the passport.

3. One recent color photo, passport size. The photo cannot be older than 3 months. Further instructions are below:

  • Size of the photograph: 3,5 x 4,5 cm
  • Facial image shall not comprise more than 70% of the photograph (on all of the four sides has to be 3 to 5 mm of empty space from head to the edge)
  • The photograph can be black and white or color, the background light brown or light blue, but in any case not white or dark blue
  • The person must not show his or her teeth
  • Head has to be leveled, nose in the middle of the photograph
  • Sharpness and contrast are important
  • A person, who wears glasses, must ensure that the frames do not cover eyes and that there is no visible reflection on the glasses
  • On the photographs of children, hands of parents or toys must not be seen (the best way to photograph them is lying down)
  • Best photograph for fair-haired or white-haired persons is black and white.

4. Proof of residence status in the UK: A valid UK residence card. The residence card should be valid for at least three months beyond the intended departure from the Schengen area.

5. Proof of family relationship with an EU citizen (e.g. original marriage certificate, birth certificate, proof of durability of partnerships + copies thereof) and their identity document (original passport + copy thereof). 

6. Documents establishing that you shall accompany or join EU citizen in Slovenia (e.g. a proof that the EU citizen already resides in Slovenia or a confirmation that the EU citizen will travel to Slovenia with you such as flight tickets, hotel reservations, etc.).


Please ensure you also review the relevant information which applies to all visa applicants HERE.

If you have additional questions please send an e-mail inquiry to: