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Brexit transition is coming to an end. There will be new rules from 1 January 2021 affecting citizens, businesses and travel between United Kingdom and the EU.

Slovenian citizens and their family members who lived in the UK before 1 January 2021 must apply for a new immigration status under the UK Government’s EU Settlement Scheme if they intend to continue to live in the UK. Failing to do so will result in these citizens not having an immigration status in the UK beyond 30 June 2021.

EU Delegation has published a series of information leaflets which are available here:

What you need to know as an EU citizen living in the UK
What you need to know as a senior EU citizen living in the UK
What you need to know as a non-EU citizen living in the UK if you have, or had, a family connection to an EU citizen
What you need to know if your child is an EU citizen or if your child is not an EU citizen but you are


To obtain further info, please follow links below:

General Information
General enquiries about the transition

Business Enquiries
Prepare to Import Goods to Great Britain from 1 January 2021
Prepare to Export Goods from Great Britain from 1 January 2021
Trade with the UK from 1 January 2021 as a business based in the EU
Moving Goods Over Midnight 
Get an EORI number
EU Transition Trader and Industry Forum

Visa Enquiries
Visa enquiries

Citizens’ Rights and Mobility Enquiries
UK nationals living in the EU
UK nationals and Citizens’ Rights enquiries

Queries about education can be submitted with this link

Slovenian citizens starting their studies in the UK after 1 January 2021 will need to apply for short-term study visas or visas for longer courses, degrees and independent schools. MORE