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Change of name

Personal name consists of first name(s) and last name(s), which were given to any individual at the time of his/her birth. It can be changed on the basis of certain family relations (getting married, getting a divorce or an annulment, acknowledgment of paternity, adoption) or upon an application, made by a citizen over the age of 18 or by the legal guardian of a child on child's behalf. The application for the change of personal name can be submitted at any administrative unit (upravna enota) in Slovenia or at an Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Slovenia abroad.



You can request a change of:

  • First name(s)

  • Last name(s)

  • Complete personal name (both first name and last name)

Any change of personal name is prohibited for persons convicted of criminal offences for which the perpetrator is prosecuted ex officio, until such person has served his/her sentence or for as long as the legal consequences of the conviction stand.

Please note that if you change your personal name, you have to apply for new ID documents.


Documents required for a change of personal name at the Embassy in London:

1. Completed and signed application form

2. Certificate of criminal record check (DBS check), which has to be legalised/certified with the international stamp Apostille. For documents issued in the UK, legalisation by Apostille is completed by Legalisation Office. Please note you may need to obtain the authentication of the certificate from a notary public or a solicitor, prior to applying for legalisation with an Apostille from the Legalisation office. For more information regarding this, please contact the Legislation Office directly. The certificate of criminal record check must not be older than three months.

3. Translation of the certificate of criminal record check into Slovenian language

4. Copy of an ID document (passport or ID card)

At the time of application the consular fee has to be paid in the amount of 54.90 € (cca. 50 GBP). The payment is possible in GBP and in cash only.

To get an appointment to submit the application or for more information please contact us at

Additional information is available HERE.

Please note that a change of name under English law (with the use of Deed Poll) is not valid for Slovenian cizitens.