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Celebrating Slovenian and Slovakian literature at the event 'You Say Slovenia, I Say Slovakia'

On the 13th of September Slovenian Ambassador Tadej Rupel and Slovak Ambassador Ľubomír Rehák jointly hosted the event 'You Say Slovenia, I Say Slovakia'.

Organised by Slovenian and Slovakian Embassies in London together with publishing houses Istros Books and Jantar Publishing the aim of the event taking place at the Europe House, European Commission Representation in the UK, was to celebrate new literature in English from both countries.


Following the opening remarks by both Ambassadors, the panel discussion with esteemed authors of A Swarm of Dust Evald Flisar (Slovenia) and Gaudeamus Dr Richard Vesely (Slovakia), translator of Fleeting Snow Julia Sherwood and Mike Tate funding director of Jantar Publishing was led by Roy Cross from the British Council. MORE

The reception with wine and national delicacies from both countries that followed offered also an exciting opportunity to discuss differences and similarities of both countries in the area of art and culture, business, investment and tourism.


The event was part of the project 'Distinguish Slovenia and Slovakia' started by Ambassadors in 2017.

The book presented by Slovenian author Evald Flisar titled A Swarm of Dust is the second part of author’s unofficial ‘Village Trilogy’, all of which have been published by Istros Books (My Father’s Dreams, Two Loves; One Death, in association with Peter Owen).