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Celebration of the World Bee Day in London

On the 21st of May 2019, the Embassy of Slovenia in partnership with Conway Hall and Bee Midtown hosted an event in celebration of World Bee Day 2019. Titled 'World Bee Day Comes to London' and taking place at Conway Hall in London, the event was opened by a welcoming addresses by the Slovenian Ambassador, Tadej Rupel, the Chief Executive of Conway Hall, Dr. Jim Walsh and a representative from Bee Collective, Caroline Burchill.

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At this unique exhibition devoted to bees the world over, over 30 hives from around the world presented products distinctive to their region. More than 500 guests had a chance to taste incredible variety of aromatic, pure raw honey from countries as diverse as Chile, Cuba, Cyprus, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine, Uganda and Zimbabwe. They could sample pure organic honey from the southern biological corridor of Belize, honey from Bolivian delicately gathered panels of honeycomb, wild honey from alpine regions of Georgia - the land of the oldest honey discovered, veritable nectar of the gods from Greece, Fair Trade honey from Honduras, Iraqi honey extracted from desert plants and herbs, the unique and saturated taste of Kazakh honey, and Latvian berry honey and organic bee bread supplements. Delivered straight from the hive to the jar, they also sampled sustainably sourced multi-flower honeys from Nicaragua, a range of 10 different single origin types of honey from Kuyavian-Pomeranian region in Poland, and Fair Trade forest honey from Zambia produced by village beekeepers hundreds of miles deep into the forest.

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Mead, considered the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world, was on offer in traditional and flavoured varieties from Lithuanian, Slovakian and Slovenian stands, together with 'Old Bohemian' Honey Wine from the Czech Republic and the remarkable Uruguayan Grappamiel beverage. Classic Taiwanese honey-based drinks with lemon & kumquat coupled with honey castella cake and fragrant pear jam with honey & osmanthus were a delight as was traditional Bara Brith infused with Welsh honey, and Buffalo biscuits made with Pembrokeshire honey. Last but not least, from the organizing country of Slovenia: traditional honey cake Potica.

The aim of World Bee Day – which has been designated by the United Nations on the initiative of Slovenia – is to raise awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators for their contribution to sustainable development, food security and biodiversity.

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