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Invitation to take part in #BeeAtHome Photo Competition

We increasingly recognize the essential role that bees play as pollinators in sustaining biodiversity and food resources on planet Earth. Even at this time, when normal life seems to be on hold as people all around the world take unprecedented measures to help suppress the COVID-19 pandemic, the sustaining activity of our industrious bees continues without interruption as they busy themselves in the pollination of plants and honey production, just as they have for countless millennia, and in complete harmony with nature.

On reflection, as environmental pollution reduces during lock down and urban air quality is enhanced, perhaps these circumstances also present the question of how we might resume our future work activities in a manner more sustainable within the natural world?

To mark ‘World Bee Day’, as initiated by Slovenia, and to further raise awareness of the crucial role of bees in sustaining our natural environment, we would like to invite the participation of everyone passionate about bees and the environment to take part in #BeeAtHome Photo Competition via social media.

While photography is one of the many ways we may connect with nature and explore the wider world outdoors, we offer here the creative challenge of responding to the theme of bees and sustainability from the perspective of the current lockdown.